Product Design

The function of the product is more important than its form. I don’t like products that looks “beautiful” but not that helpful in use.
My way of designing is to build a skeleton for the function first, then cover it with it a skin that is both useful and “eye-catching”
Here are some phases of my design process
– Benchmarking
– User/Task Analysis
– Concept Sketching

Graphic Design

I like presenting complex ideas and concepts with simple lines. In order to accomplish this, I use some visual tricks.
I believe that it makes the design more interactive and memorable. I am skilled at;
– Logo Design
– Icon Design
– Corporate Identity
– Brochures, presentations, posters

Interaction Design

The user shouldn’t get lost while navigating through digital data. Also the interface should be predictable and easy to understand to prevent errors.
Let’s discuss if you need help presenting your data in following formats;
– User/Task Analysis
– Flowcharts
– Infographics