List references on resume or not

References do not belong on a resume, period. The space on your resume is valuable real estate, so dont waste it by adding information that 99. 9 of employers dont require up front. Instead, you should use this space for an additional skills section, a resume introduction, or more achievementoriented bullet points. A reference page is a list of your references. You dont want to include the list on your resume.

Create a separate list you can upload with your job application, if its requested, or have one ready to print out so you can give it to the hiring manager at your interview.

These days most job ads dont call for references, so knowing how to list references on a resume is practically a thing of the past. There are two primary reasons for this: firstly, references are not required early on in the recruitment processno one will contact your references before the first interview.

To offer up references, or not to offer up references? This is a very common resumewriting dilemma. Many job seekers decide to include resume references and their contact information (with their permission, of course!

) at the bottom of the document, or a line that says, References available upon request. Answering reference questions takes time, and there is never enough of that. About the third time your reference gets a call he List references on resume or not well lose patience. You will lose, unknown to you, a good reference.

Offering references are appropriate in the second or third contact with a potential employer. Do not put on your resume, References available upon request. HR managers already know this and its a very overused phrase. Do not put the names and contact numbers of your professional references on your resume. Ideally every line of information listed on your resume will be useful to the recruiter and hiring manager. References on your resume are almost never useful because they will not be used.

You can provide a list of references after your interview if it is requested. Here is why you should not list references on a resume and what you should do instead. Feb 01, 2018 If you decided to list job references, do so on a separate reference page attached to your resume. Use our cover letter builder to create your own resume reference page that matches your resume and cover letter! HR will not spend time contacting every name on your list of references. Therefore unless it is otherwise stated in the job post, limit your number of references to 2 to 3 people.

The number of names is not as important as the quality of the references. Here is a Sample reference list that shows you can download for free: Resume References Format Sample List of Job references You want recent references from people who can not only vouch for your character, but the quality of work that you do. If a job posting doesn't request references, the answer is simple: don't list any references on your resume or send any references with your job application.

There are a few good reasons for this. Although including a list of references on a resume was de rigeur thirty years ago, this practice has almost disappeared over the last decade. Oct 08, 2005 Unless you are applying to be a nanny, personal assistant, or something with a similar level of oneonone interaction, the main body of your resume should not even mention references.

3 Start your reference list with a heading.

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