Cstr and pfr comparison essay

Sep 11, 2014 Let's look at a first order reaction, and let's assume that the exit concentration from the CSTR is the same as the exit concentration from the PFR, for the same feed rate. In the CSTR, the concentration of reactant throughout the reactor is C final, and this is the concentration in the exit stream. PFR vs. CSTR: Size and Selectivity Material balance: PFRCA Figure 10. Comparison of overall fractional yield for a CSTR and a PFR when CSTR PFR Figure 11.

Comparsion of overall fractional yield for a CSTR and a PFR when Normalized concentration in CSTR as a function of normalized time where feed water with a concentration, S 0, comes in at time zero and the feed concentration drops to zero at t 10. Plug Flow Plug flow is an opposite concept of CSTR. Comparing Reactors 0 0 X A VF PFR Compare the volumes of CSTR and PFR that are necessary to consume 90 of A. The entering molar and volumetric flow rates are 5 molh and 10 Lh of pure A, respectively.

The reaction rate coefficient is k 0. 0001 s1. View Notes Compare CSTR and PFR. pdf from EE& S 201 at Clemson University. No dierence in outcome because rxn rate does not depend on concentration Dierent. For given theta, PFR gives lower Jan 23, 2015  152 videos Play all Reactor Engineering Chemical Engineering Guy Introduction to Reactors in the Chemical Industry Reactor Engineer Class1 Duration: 24: 22. A continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) is a continuous reactor that runs at a steady state.

They are used most frequently with liquid phases, but can handle gas or solid reactions as well. A comparison of PFR and CSTR reactor performance Based on an old exam problem: (a) Calculate the fraction of contaminant remaining (CC o their total volume is the same as the PFR.

Assume the contaminant obeys 1st order kinetics with a rate constant of 0. 2day. Assume a continuous input.

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