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Some of the features that was told was traits that are needed in order to present the message to Garcia were selflessness. strive. bravery. committedness. good will. and radiant. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On A Message to Garcia Essay Sample A Message to Garcia BOOK REPORT Essay example 659 Words 3 Pages. BOOK REPORT 1. A message to Garcia 2. LCPL Garcia 3. Elbert Hubbard 4. Published in 1977 5.

Publisher: Peter pauper press, Inc 6. 32 Pages 7. Price of the book: 7. 99 8. (Last page) 9. Initiative, Courage and Commitment. 10. A Message to Garcia is an award winning essay written in 1899. It serves as an inspiration to some as well as a lesson. In the essay President McKinley needed to have a message delivered to Garcia in the jungles of Cuba, he trusted one man with this mission, Rowan.

I posit that A Message to Garcia runs contrary to those goals and should be removed from the CPRL, either without replacement, or to be replaced by How I Carried the Message to Garcia, the true, firsthand account of The task is yours and yours only.

Without hesitation Rowan shook the Colonels hand and left to find Garcia. Sealed in Rowans oilskin pouch, he headed towards the Mountains of Cuba. Within four days he landed off the coast of Cuba, and then disappeared into the jungle. A Message to Garcia is perhaps one of the best known tracts on personal responsibility ever written. It is an inspirational essay written in 1899 by Elbert Hubbard that has been made into two movies. It was originally published as a filler without a title in the March, 1899 issue of Philistine magazine edited by Mr.

Hubbard. The essay" A Message to Garcia" was never meant for career military professionals, or academics who specialized in military leadership. In fact the essay was never intended for the military at all. The author, Elbert Hubbard, was a businessman who originally sold soap and later manufactured and sold furniture and items for the home.

A Message to Garcia Essay Sample I Chose this book for the simple reason that it was listed as one of the required books for me to read and it so happens to be the first book listed. Its also a fairly small book and I knew that I would be able to just read it quickly move on the other books on the list. Title: Message to Garcia Author: Elbert Hubbard Published: 1899 A Message to Garcia is a story that covers and focuses on an individual being told to get something done and not asking questions or giving excuses on why he cant do it.

He takes the information that he was given and gets the job done.

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