How to write mr in dutch

Writing a letter in Dutch Posted by Transparent Language on Feb 20, 2009 in Dutch Language Even in this current computer age, lots of letters are still written on paper Either handwritten or printed. Feel free to discuss the Netherlands, the Dutch language, Dutch culture, society, politics, and so on. For example, you're welcome to: Ask how something is said in Dutch, or ask for translation help.

Post photos of your recent trip to the Netherlands. Post something funny you've found in Dutch. Spam Kud videos.

And anything else Dutchrelated! Use It's usual to just say 'meneer' (or 'mijnheer'), 'mevrouw Any alternatives are essentially never used, I believe this is just the way the Dutch language has evolved.

And yes, this does mean that you cannot derive the marital status from the way of addressing. Dec 21, 2007 im writing the gift tag to a dutch couple, i know they're mynheer and mevrouw but do u just write it before their last name?

How to say Mister in Dutch. Easily find the right translation for Mister from English to Dutch submitted and enhanced by our users. English There is also the problem of Mr and Mrs Nimby or the 'Not in my backyard'syndrome. chapter became separate page: Speaking Dutch, Speaking about Dutch: Time: See also: Lesson 6: Time or the Time Thesaurus: Hoe laat is het? 2: What's the time? What time is it?

Weet jij hoe laat het is? 2: Do you know what time it is? Heb je nog even tijd? Do you still have a moment? 't Wordt laat. 2: It's getting late. Er is nooit genoeg tijd.

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