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ALMATY, Kazakhstan, 16 October 2008 Young people from Brazil, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malta, Philippines, Tanzania and the United States of America gathered in Almaty to take part in the International Conference to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the signing of the AlmaAta Declaration on Primary Health Care. Government papers, newspapers and magazines are written both in Kazakh and Russian. All schools and universities have two types of classes: Russian and Kazakh.

TV and radio programs have both language versions. Some people question themselves on why should they even know the Kazakh language when Russian is the main Y. Reading the text: The activity of young people in Kazakhstan The future and the force of our country is young people. One of the youth organizations are the republican labour groups Zhasyl el. As part of the initiative we are holding five essay contests, based on the five Open Future themes (Borders, Ideas, Markets, Society and Progress).

Each contest is open to people between 16 and 25 Nowadays more and more people have to compete with young people for the same jobs. This is an example of an IELTS Task 2 Sample Essay. Home IELTS Blog Writing Task 2 IELTS Task 2 Sample Young and Old People in the Job Market.

IELTS Task 2 Sample Essay Young and Old People in the Job Market. By Kazakhstan was the site of the former Soviet Union's nuclear testing programs, and areas of the country have been exposed to high levels of nuclear radiation. This exposure has weakened the health of many Kazakh residents. Kazakhstan one of the fast developing countries in the world where young people must become a major demographic in the workforce.

It is difficult to assume that the next generation can be considered as a selfsufficient group of people in the state. Kazakhstan faces several important environmental issues. As the site of the former Soviet Union's nuclear testing programs, areas of the nation have been exposed to high levels of nuclear radiation, and there is significant radioactive pollution.

1. Introduction. Interest in young peoples wellbeing has been steadily increasing across political, social and educational contexts as reflected by attempts at conceptualization, definition and quantification through the burgeoning number of internationally comparable indicators and frameworks [1 [2 [3.

Bus fire in Kazakhstan kills 52 people. Officials say victims were from neighbouring Uzbekistan and died on a road widely used to transport migrant workers Published: 18 List of famous people from Kazakhstan, including photos when available.

The people below are listed by their popularity, so the most recognizable names are at the top of the list. Some of the people below are celebrities born Borat's neighbours in Kazakhstan were portrayed by Romani people, who were unaware of the film's subject. The Cyrillic alphabet used in the film is the Russian form, not the Kazakh one, although most of the words written in it (especially the geographical names) are either misspelled or make no sense at all.

According to many people of Kazakhstan, during the Soviet years they wanted for very little. Everyone had jobs, everyone had a house or an apartment, and food was abundant. The Kazakhs were part of a powerful union that challenged the United States and the other powers of the world.

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