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The Effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing as a Treatment for People with CoOccurring Disorders HUS 436 Counseling for CoOccurring Assignment: Research Paper The topic of this research paper is the effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing (MI) with people dealing with cooccurring disorders. The purpose of this study by Kazemi, Levine, Dmochowski, Niles, & Sun (2013), was to see if Motivational Interviewing would have an impact on the number of blackout occurrences among college freshmen.

Motivational interviewing was first thought of by Miller in 1983 in his article Behavioural Psychotherapy and was elaborated on in 1991 with Rollnick.

It is a goalorientated approach (Hall, Gibbie, & Lubman, 2012). Karatay, Kublay and Emiroglu (2010) examined the effect of motivational interviewing on pregnant women (n38) taking part in a smoking cessation intervention based on the transtheoretical model. (19) They found that 39. 5 of the women were able to give up smoking, whilst 44. 7 were able to reduce their rate of smoking by 60.

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Throughout this essay an understanding of the guiding principles used in motivational interviewing will be discussed along with interviewing skills. This student will critique herself on the use of the guiding principles and skills during the digital recording. The Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change approach is complementary to the cultural values of Native American people and emphasizes listening, learning, and Although these recent reviews show a general positive effect on the effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing (MI) on client with substance abuse (Macgowan and Engle 2010, Barnnet et.

al 2012 Smedslud et al 2011; McMurran 2009), a review on the effectiveness of MI specifically with mandated clients is required. Motivational interviewing is one alternative available to addicts today.

This paper will define addiction and perhaps shed a light on how motivational interviewing can be seen as an option for the treatment of addiction, as well as open the door to a new way of therapy for addiction counselors. Jul 18, 2016 Free Essays on Motivational Interviewing.

Search. Motivational essay. boss tells you to get something Free essay on motivational interviewing. I know with my military background the motivational methods used were a little on the singular minded side of physical training, or motivation by exertion or fear. Motivational Interviewing as a Treatment for Substance Abuse Introduction" Motivational interviewing is an evidencedbased counseling approach that health care providers can use to help patients adhere to treatment recommendations.

Free motivational papers, essays, and research papers. Motivational Theories and Analysis Introduction: In this literature Free essay on motivational interviewing, assess, discuss the body of knowledge available for motivational theories and analysis in the same order of their importance in our current study. Motivational interviewing was introduced by Dr. Miller in 1983, to help problem drinkers prepare for treatment. The process has been further developed in a collaboration with Dr.

Stephen Rollnick. Motivational interviewing is a client centered directive method of communication for enhancing

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