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My Favorite Leader Mahatma Gandhi Essay. My favorite leader is Mahatma Gandhi. He is called the Father of my Nation. He was born on 2 nd October, 1869 at Porbandar in Gujarat. His full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His father, Karamchand was Divan of Rajkot.

His mother Putlibai was a simple and religious lady. Mahatma Gandhi Essay 5 (300 words) Mahatma Gandhi was a great freedom fighter who spent his whole life in struggle for the independence of India. He was born in the Indian Hindu family on 2 nd of October in 1869 in the Porbander, Gujarat. He lived his whole as a leader of the Indian people. His whole life story is a great inspiration for us. Gandhi Jayanti: In India, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated everyyear on the day of his birthanniversary.

It is a national holiday. It is a national holiday. The world celebrates 2nd October as the International day of nonviolence. Mahatma Gandhi was a great man. He was born on 2nd October 1869 at Kathiwar in Gujarat, in a middle class family. His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His father Karamchand Gandhi was the Diwan of Rajkot. His mother Putli Bai was a religious lady. Mahatma Gandhi had his early education at Porbander.

Later he went to England Mahatma Gandhi Widely known all over the world, Mahatma Gandhi also referred to, as the greatsouled one is an iconic leader for being the principal leader of the independence movement in India.

Mahatma Gandhi is probably one of the most famous names on earth. The primary leader of the independence movement in India, Gandhi is also known as an architect of the nonviolent civil disobedience that had a significant impact on the world. Mahatma Gandhi is a great example of a transformational leader because of his contribution not just to his country but to social thinking around the world that inspired many other different world leaders.

Mahatma Gandhi Do you know who was the Indian Father of the nation. Of course its Mahatma Gandhi. In twentieth century he had been greatest leader of the 291 Words; 2 Pages; The Attributes Of a Great Leader A leader is anyone who influences change.

Gandhi, Mandela and Caesar are considered to be marvelous leaders.

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