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Resume dilemma: I'm overqualified The situation may arise when you're willing to take a job for which you are clearly overqualified. Here's how to handle it on your resume. If you do appear overqualified for a job, you'll need to carefully craft a cover letter to your application will be considered. Employers are notorious for discarding overqualified candidates. That's because they're afraid that the person will be bored or unmotivated and might move on to another job in short order.

But the cover letter can dial in on the finer points that complete the story, including how your accomplishments fit into the bigger picture, and how they relate to the job you are applying for. For that reason, your cover letter can be used to address the readers concerns of you being overqualified. Sample Cover Letter for Overqualified In todays world people are brawling at the streets for job and there are also people who Sample cover letter overqualified position overqualified for the same.

Being overqualified portrays that you are more qualified then you need to be for a job. The sample resume shown below is a targeted resume for an overqualified worker who is seeking a job with lighter responsibility than her previous positions.

By carefully targeting resumes for specific jobs and situations, you can greatly improve your chances of getting noticed in the job market. Im either overqualified or still dont have enough experience, apparently even if paid training is advertised as part of the position.

And you need engaging, compelling cover letters too. And maybe acceptable was just a bad choice of words in your letter but if its not getting you a single interview, its worth considering that it might need another Sample cover letter for overqualified job. It is never bad to come in a position already encompassing a boatload of skill but some of the employers are intimated by the candidates who are overqualified. Nov 08, 2011  You should address being overqualified in your cover letter, Green advises on one slide, elaborating with the following: If you dont acknowledge it, were afraid that youll be bored, that you dont understand the position The thing about overqualified candidates is, hiring managers spot them and immediately assume the person is looking for a temporary position because theyre in desperate need of a job and cant for the moment find one to which theyre actually suited.

Your cover letter is your best weapon to combat this issue and prove youre right for the job, even when you are overqualified for the position. Using the right words may mean the difference between interview and outright rejection. Find out more about why employers avoid hiring overqualified candidates, how to adjust your resume to make it clear that you are interested in the position over the long haul, what to mention in a cover letter, and how to respond to interview questions.

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