Action research literature review

Review of recent literature on action research finds that action research has certain overall characteristics. It is a scaled down version of quasiexperimental studies, and it is highly quantitative in its nature of inquiry. The action research literature has strongly challenged the character of positivism. It is believed that this type of research is derived from a different ontological basis; it tends to a humanistic social practice rather than a traditional natural science.

Literature Review Outline Locate three published research articles: one quantitative research study, one qualitative research study, and one mixed methods research study.

Each of the three studies must have been published in a peerreviewed journal. The Literature Review is a critical component of the action research project. It enables the researchers to see what other research has been done in their area of interest. It also gives credibility to the action research study by showing what research serves as a foundation for the current study. How can the answer be improved? Crafting your literature review Frameworks As an action researcher conducting a study and writing a dissertation, you wear two hats.

One of your hats involves the intervention being implemented by you Action Research: Literature Review. Summary In the review of literature, word study has been found to be an effective way to teach spelling compared to the traditional memorization approach.

Word study helps make spelling more meaningful and helps students access the orthographic code. Action Research Literature Review Draft 3 The process that I have taken in my literature review can be charted by my notes and my outline.

There is also a first draft and a second draft available. Starting the dissertation: Experts offer tips on picking a topic, conducting a lit review and narrowing your focus. Boell, S.& CecezKecmanovic, D. (2010). Literature Reviews and the Hermeneutic Circle. Australian Academic& Research Libraries, 41(2), 129.

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