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Career Services Resume Rubric CS Resume Rubric 100 pt scale, revised 9. 2013. docx Career Services evaluates resumes using the following criteria: (Name: & Reviewer: & : & & Resume Rubric Adapted from University of Richmond Career Services: July 2015 Orrico Hall, lower level Monday Additionally, the Career Center library has numerous resume books and resources, including sample resumes Rubric for Rsum Writing.

Task Description: (Teacher may explain specific assignment in this space. ) Pertinent information fits job objective or personal statement. Information listed in reverse chronological order. Well written descriptions. Rubric for Resume Writing The resume makes good use of space, has consistent formatting throughout, and can be easily scanned. Header The header is hard to read and missing information.

JobSpecific Information Information exhibits ability to fit the job description and add value to the company Industry specific language used when describing skills

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