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Gordon Korman (born October 23, While attending German Mills Public School, his seventh grade English teacher required the students to write a book report as an assignment. Everest series. The Contest (Scholastic, 2002) The Climb (2002) The Summit (2002) Dive series. October book review The Contest Everest Gordon Korman Book one: The Contest is the first Everest the contest book report three books in a series. The best and youngest climbers from all over the world come to join Captain Cinceros' bootcamp to prepare them for Everest.

Everest Book One: The Contest [Gordon Korman on Amazon. com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Dominic, Chris, Perry, Tilt, Sammi, Bryn, and Cameron compete with each other to be selected as part of a team of teenage climbers with the goal of ascending Mount Everest.

The book Everest 1 and Everest 2 are good books to compare because the are in the same series. They are different because the kids are climbing on different areas, one is boot camp and one is the real mountain, and there is a different amount of kids. The Alchemist Book Report Essay. A Book Report on: The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho Biography of Author Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janiero in 1947 and before his career as a bestselling author, he was a playwright, theatre director, hippie, and popular songwriter for some of Brazil's leading pop artists.

The Contest is the name of the book and it is book 1 of the Everest trilogy. The story takes place in Summit Athletic Sports Training Facility in High Falls, Colorado located in Rocky Mountains, another location was a mountain named Lucifers claw in Alaska. First published at 14 with over 45 books to his credit, Gordon Korman is a force of nature.

His last trilogy, Island, sold more than 240, 000 copies in Canada alone. This new trilogy pits his young protagonists against one of natures most awesome symbols Michael D. Lowes writes a longoverdue biography of an overlooked adventurer and climber in Lure of the Mountains: The Life of Bentley Beetham, 1924 Everest Expedition Mountaineer. Beetham, like Mallory, was a teacher and author outside of climbing, who was a specialist in ornithology, specifically the native birds of Britain.

The first book is called The Contest. Thats because a team of four kids are setting off to try to summit the highest peak in the world. They start out with a bunch of interesting kids, but in the end only four can remain. Report abuse. Transcript of Everest Book One: The Contest. Summary This short novel, the first of one of Gordon Korman's many trilogies, is about the energy bardrink company, Summit, holding a contest to allow those who spell EVEREST with letters found in wrappers and bottle caps of their products a chance to be one of a team of

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