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Doc Review Resume Tips. Thursday, June 27, 2013. Your resume should reflect whom did you work for and describe the legal task performed.

Many resumes repeat the same bullet points for each assignment, which is a missed opportunity to describe the depth of your experience. The time you spend on a focused document review resume Experienced Document Review Attorney with a persistent and strong eye for detail. Adept at finding bad clauses in contracts making sure that all necessary blanks are filled in on forms and establishing a strong working Document Review Attorneys analyze documents that are turned over in a case to determine whether or not those documents are relevant to the case.

Duties included on a sample resume for a Document Review Attorney include performing first and secondlevel document review, and examining financial records, pricing data, and Linsey Cameron 770 Smith Street Nantucket, MA2554 (111) [email Job ObjectiveLooking to help your company with my experience as Document Review Attorney.

Highlights of Qualifications: Huge electronic document review experience Sample Document Review Attorney Resume Objectives One of the most important features you can include in the resume objective is the name of the organization you are applying for.

This tells the hiring manager that you are How to List Document Review on Your Resume Recently, Ive helped several friends locate document review positions, with both my current company and agencies Ive worked with in the past. Each time, I am reminded that everyone struggles with how best to list document review experience on their resume. Sample of what I would do: Contract Attorney, New York, NY Epiq Systems, August 2010 May 2050 Agreed that you should put contract attorney, rather than document reviewer.

BTW, that's one hell of a doc review gig. If they want specifics I can get it from my conflicts chart.

After 10 years of doc review, my resume would be The sample below is for a Contract Attorney Resume. This resume was written by a ResumeMyCareer professional resume writer, and demonstrates how a resume for a Contract Attorney Candidate should be properly created.

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