Learn to write my name

Before Learning to Write. Before writing their own name my learners sing their name. You can find my name song template in my Name Activities pack. We sing our name, begin the school year with KingQueen of the Day and form our names in different ways.

One learners know the letters and are able to spell their name it is time to write. How can the answer be improved? Name Tracing Worksheet Printable. This printable name tracing worksheet is great for your child learning their name as well as forming those letters.

In future posts I am going to be doing a few ideas on forming those letters to help my little guy out, so keep an eye for those. I printed out a page for each of my 3 kids. Follow three easy steps to make a customised worksheet with your child's name on it written using the recommended style of your local education authority.

They will get a lot of enjoyment learning how to write their own name. It is an opportunity for children to know that their name is special, it promotes a healthy self esteem and independence. The theme" My name is Special" is a great way to motivate children to practice recognizing and tracing their name.

Tracing their name is also a good First Step to handwriting. Apr 03, 2008 Pointer: It's best to start by teaching your child to print her name. But even though capital letters are easier to write than lowercase ones, don't encourage her to write her name in all caps. " It's an incredibly difficult habit for kids to break in kindergarten, " says Dawn Audibert, a kindergarten teacher in Rockville, Maryland.

Type in your child's name or word in the blank below. Press" Create Tracing Paper". A new window will open. Do not resize the window. Right click on any open area of the windownot on the images. From the popup menu chose" print" If it says" print image" then your cursor was on one of the images, try again.

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