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This essay analyses and critiques the use of social constructionism by social workers in the understanding human behaviour. Specific emphasis has been given to the role of constructionism use in analysing commonly held perceptions and attitudes towards mental disorders.

This essay looks at social construction, medicalisation and social control. Each is defined. Then my interpretation is given. I have looked at the connection between each concept and illness. A variety of interesting examples are given. Each concept is a useful analytical tool and essential for an informed analysis of illness. In social constructionist theory, impairment refers to a physical illness or injury; disability is the social experience of impairment. Illness can reshape an individuals identity.

For example, deafness can be a cultural identity that supplants individual identity. Medicalizationthe act of reducing illness to strictly a medical definitionignores the Keywords social construction, illness, medical knowledge, health policy.

In the last 50 years, the social construction of illness has become a major research area in the subfield of medical sociology, and it has made significant contributions to our understanding of the social dimensions of illness. Social construction of illness and health is the main systematising subject in medical sociology. The social construction of illness and health explores how various social The social construction of Health and Illness. Introduction. A social vision of medicine seems to move attention to the promotion and information of health, on the social, cultural, political and economic health in terms of factors and variables in relation to each other without forgetting that the center is the individual.

For the argument that Health is a social construction, relativist sociologists hold a strong point of view. Bury (1987) argued that, Social constructionism is a relativist critique of medical definitions5. The social construction of health and illness is a complex interaction of gender, class, age and other social characteristics, still vast social divisions of health outcomes, social class divisions in mortality and morbidity are probably the result of material factors, what is defined as disease often occurs in patterns which are best The Social Construction of illness is a socially constructed manmade artificial phenomenon, yet it is involved with cognitive society.

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