Animal cruelty in circuses essay writing

Animals face cruelty and abuse mainly in three forms in the circuses, which may be familiar to those of zoos. The first is the captivity life where animals in circuses are annexed from their natural habitat, to live a life of travelling with the circus staff.

Circuses are one of the many places where animals are treated poorly. One of the many endangered species that are forced to 'join' the circus is the largest land mammal, the elephant. Wild animals, such as the elephant, are taken from their natural habitat to perform uncomfortable tricks for human entertainment. Might not stream today, just realized all i have to do for this stupid essay.

gotta love when they give you a minimum word limit.dissertation projects in marketing in and out of africa documentary review essays @jennamcollins how many quotes do we need per paragraph for the Morrie essay? Argumentative Essay on Animal Cruelty of people who come to the zoo to watch at the wild animals.

A zoo is a prison. I guess such prisons should be banned. Circuses are even worse. Animals have to entertain people and learn various tricks. If you are interested in custom essay writing about animal cruelty follow EssayLib. com writing Circuses force the animals to go against their natural instincts which are mentally stressful because they are trained to know physical abuse will follow if disobedient.

Animals shouldnt be forced to do tricks that are demeaning and humiliating. Humans always have a choice to be in a circus, animals do not. Animals in circuses are regularly and dangerously exposed to many abuses and diseases. Circuses do not practice what they preach and indulge in animal cruelty on a regular basis, after the training sessions of the circuses, tight collars, whips; beatings and torture are the order of the day for these animals. A circus can be adequately amusing without involving animals, and it should remain so.

To set this prohibition in motion, only support animalfree circuses and spread awareness of the cruelty. Eliminate animal cruelty, eliminate needless suffering, eliminate worldly issues one by one. Animals should be left in the wild where they belong. Even though all circuses argue that they have their animals under control and that the circus is a safe place for everyone, many sources have proved them wrong.

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