Sample resume for operations director

Here is a free resume example for a position of director of operations which can be customized according to your own needs. Job titles that can use this resume are: Director of Operations, VP of Operations and Operations Director. Directors of Operations are senior executives who oversee the production of goods or service delivery in an enterprise.

Their goals are ensuring staff performance and customer satisfaction; typical Director of Operations duties are handling inventories, budgeting, implementing new technologies, quality assurance, and supervising financial Jun 06, 2017 Resume Tips for Operations Manager.

Your ability to find a job as a operations manager, as in any other part of the country, will be greatly impacted by the type of actions that you take during your job search. The following is an example of a resume profiling the employment, academic, and volunteer history of an educational director of operations. The resume example is for an Operations Director and usable for a Vice President of Operations, Company President, CEO, Operations Manager or Project Manager. The resume uses a job title heading with subheadings that focus on the core areas of strength, which are strategic marketing, business development and corporate branding.

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