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In the last few decades, Bint alShatis literary approach to the exegesis of the Quran has received some scholarly attention particularly directed at the exegetical procedures she developed under the tutelage of Amin alKhuli for reading the Quran as a literary text. This paper aims to re Bint alShati published numerous writings in many genres during her long lifemore than sixty publications in book form and hundreds of articlesincluding newspaper articles, books, short stories, novels, autobiography, the life of the prophet Muhammad, and Quranic exegesis.

Bint alShati Aisha Abd alRahman ( Arabic: ; 18 November 1913 1 December 1998) was an Egyptian author and professor of literature who published under the pen name Bint alShati (" Daughter of the Riverbank" ). Bint alShati's approach to tafsir: An Egyptian Exegete's Journey from Hermeneutics to Humanity Professor Aisha Abd Al Rahman Bint ash shati hundreds of research papers, and innumerable articles in daily and weekly newspapers over a span of 60 years made her probably the most accomplished Arab female in the 20th Century.

(Bint AlShati) (Egypt), Professor of Higher Studies, AlQaraween University, Morocco, for her Bint alShati on the Quran and Science A critique of modern scientific interpretations of the Qur'an by one of Islamic history's most unique scholars Earlier this month, the Markfield Institute, where I teach undergraduate Islamic studies, was host to a lecture by Dr Shuruq Naguib of Lancaster University.

Not a comparative study, this essay will explore the" other" least known theories and explanations of Bint Essay about bint al-shati (d. ) on oaths, while also pointing out the Qur'an's effective use of such oaths. Aisha Abd alRahman, or Bint al Shati' as she was more commonly known, was an author, journalist and professor of Islamic studies at Cairo University.

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