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Magnum Photos is a photographic cooperative of great diversity and distinction owned by its photographer members. With powerful individual vision, Magnum photographers chronicle the world and interpret its peoples, events, issues and personalities. Henri Cartier Bresson was a French documentary photographer whereas Terence Donovan was a British fashion photographer this is the most obvious and clarifying reason for the different style of photography.

Homepage Writing Samples Academic Writing Samples Essay Samples Descriptive Essay Samples A Photograph of Cartier The name of this artist was bHenri CartierBresson, the It was the time of big changes and social commotions, labor and liberty, hopes and difficulties, and H. CartierBresson has captured it all in just one photo.

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All photos in this article are copyrighted by Henri Cartier Bresson Magnum Photos. I recently picked up a copy of The Minds Eye which is a great compilation of thoughts and philosophies Henri CartierBresson wrote. On creating a picture story or photo essay Henri Wrist Strap PRO Edition. Dear friend, Essay The son of a wealthy textile merchant, Henri CartierBresson studied painting at Andr Lhotes academy in Montparnasse in 1927, and soon thereafter entered the bohemian world of the Parisian avantgarde.

Henri CartierBresson: Michel Gabriel, Rue Mouffetard, 1952 The photo that I am going to analyse is taken by the famous French photographer, Henri CartierBresson, in 1952. He was famous for his candid photography, which was later developed as another kind of art Street photography. CartierBresson cofounded The Magnum Photo agency a cooperative owned by its members that connected the photographers with clients around the world.

The agency's mission was to widely disseminate photographs that were in one way or another exemplary of the modern era and also inherently humanitarian.

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