3 songs that describe me essay

Transcript of 10 songs that Describe me. Fly Away By Lenny Kravitz 10 songs that describe me In My Life The Beatles Do You believe in Magic? The Lovin' Spoonful I don't even Know myself This song relates to me because I like music and i like to dance a lot. InfluencesGrandma. the felling of missing someone. influences Friends The movies that fascinate me are more of action, science fiction, and horror and crime type.

Some of my favorite action movies include" The Transporter, " The Fast and Furious, " " The Conjuring, " " Transformers, " and many more. Aug 31, 2009 I was given an assignment over the summer to write an essay about a song that describes me and my personality. Summers almost over and I still cant find the right one! A lot of songs just dont work, are love songs, or arent school appropriate.

Liked the song, just thought it really didn't describe me. Im not really into that 70s vibe. It takes me all the way. I want you to stay. There has definitely been a time when you havent been able to describe your feelings, but you know you dont want that person to leaveyou want them to stay. 30 Songs To Describe Me.

Author: DoomDoll. If I could only use songs to describe myself and my life, these are the songs I would choose. Inspiring Music for our Lives National Survey and Writing Contest Summary Report. Looking for inspirational songs and music? You've hit the right web page. May 25, 2010 Some adjectives to describe a" good" song? i'm trying to do an essay on songpoem analysis. personally, i feel that a song is" good" if it has a strong mood and connects with the listenerreader.

Strong Essays 1182 words (3. 4 pages) Preview Analysis of the Song Strangers in the Night The song Strangers in the Night was composed by Bert Kaempfert and lyrics by Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder. Free Essays 1035 words (3 pages) Preview Exploring the Origin Of the Song, Yankee Doodle Exploring the Origin Of the Song, Yankee Doodle Although it was one of the most famous and popular songs in the American colonies, " Yankee Doodle's" original author and words are not known.

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