Undetectable drugs in sport essay

Some sports are more vigilant about drug detection than others. European bicycle racing is particularly vigilant; so are the Olympics. American professional sports are far more lenient, often trying to give the appearance of vigilance while still allowing athletes to use performanceenhancing drugs.

In the world of sports there is much competition. There is so much that Undetectable drugs in sport essay sport players try to cheat their way through by using performance enhancing drugs. The players use steroids, human growth hormones and many more. All performance enhancing drugs should be banned from sports. The history of performance enhancing drugs goes back Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports Essay 2025 Words 9 Pages. The use of performance enhancing drugs in sports (doping) is done to improve athletic performance.

Doping in sports has become a highly controversial topic among professional sporting venues and in the media. Sport enhancing drug used by athletes to enhance performance include Steroids, Amphetamines, Stimulants, Peptide Hormones, Human growth Hormone, and Insulin. Steroids and performance enhancing drugs are used by today's athletes to increase the testosterone production in the body. I urge the World AntiDoping Agency to look at there stance on the matter, because I believe this could be an ugly time for sport as an ever increasing number of athletes But competing athletes can't trust each other, and everyone feels he has to dope and continues to search out newer and more undetectable drugs in order to compete.

And the arms race continues. Some sports are more vigilant about drug detection than others. Legalisation of drugs within sport Would the legalisation of drugs within sport, create a level playing field?

The legalisation of drugs within sport is heavily publicised within the media given that the Olympics and other sporting events are up and coming, this is the chosen focus of my essay. Drugs in sports are bad, there is no doubt about it, all of the things they cause and ruin is bad.

So folks and fans out there if you want there to be less drugs in spots, and more fair play, then lets get some harder and more frequent drug tests in these sports. Doping in sports is basically using illegal drugs or illegal amounts of legal drugs to enhance the performance of an athlete. Two sports that are highly affected by doping are football and cycling.

In football some players use steroids to become bigger and stronger, but in cycling the athletes use performance enhancing drugs that are called Drugs in Sport essaysThe nature of sports fosters a strong desire to win, and some athletes will do anything to rise to the top.

Every elite athlete wants to get an edge somehow over his or her opponents. Many athletes have turned to supplements to gain this edge and the use of performance enhancin

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