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Including certifications on a resume is a good way to catch the attention of a hiring manager. Its also necessary for certain positions and industries. Having an Awards section in your resume can really help you stand out and give you an edge in your interviews. LiveCareer has plenty of information on how to create a great Awards section. Use the resume builder and resume writing tools to put together an Awards section that will impress any hiring manager.

Aug 29, 2017 In some instances, certifications might be listed after your name on a resume or cover letter. For example, registered nurses could list their credentials using appropriate abbreviations, such as" Bob Smith, MSN, RN" to indicate the holding of a master's degree and licensure.

Mar 23, 2018 Headline your resume with a certification that is in high demand by employers in your career field. Labor market research websites such as the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics often publish data about which certifications are in demand for a particular career. Additional Resume Sections. Table of Contents. Credentials& Licenses should be one of the first steps taken when creating a resume for a position or industry that places high value on such certifications. If you did really well in a civic affiliation you may have won an award or honor so be sure to read about writing your awards on According to the University of Delaware's Career Services Center, " Honors and Awards" can be included on a resume as an optional category, listed in addition to the necessary information necessary such as your name, contact information, career objectives, education, experience, activities and skills.

PS: You can use LiveCareers Resume Builder to add awards to your resume. Person of the Year When trying to decide which civic and community awards would be great awards to put on a resume, it helps to use awards that are an annual recognition of some sort of excellence. How to Include Honors and Awards in Your Resume.

Article Description: Youve worked hard to earn honors and awards. Include them on your resume to get noticed. Your winning personality may get you the job of your dreams. However, your resume is required to get you noticed. This is true even if you have limited work experience. Including Activities and Awards on Your Resume If you want to strengthen your image in your resume, consider drawing from your activities, organizations, awards, and licenses.

Also, you can include testimonials that show youve got the right stuff. How to Put Certifications on a Resume. by Faizah Imani. Keep your" Certifications" section of your resume short and sweet. Placing certifications near the top of your resume instead of the bottom reduces the chances of your certifications being overlooked. If you have licenses as well as certifications, title the section Licenses Aug 01, 2017 Don't confuse professional certifications with honors and awards.

Also, don't confuse training and certification. Sometimes training results in certification, but not always. And the hardest one: Where to Place Certifications on a Resume The Resume Summary or Objective. Feb 08, 2017 In the perfect resume example certification section, the listings are organized in reverse chronological order.

This means you should put the most recent certifications first and go backward in time when listing the rest.

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