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PHIL320 STUDENT WARNING: This course syllabus is from a previous semester archive and Rolston, Environmental Ethics (16p); attached as pdf at bottom of Week 1 Forum A description Papers can address either theoretical issues or practical. concerns. The paper will be evaluated on form as well as content.

Until recently, given the relative scarcity of courses in environmental ethics and philosophy, maintaining a collection of syllabi for such courses was an invaluable service. Page 1 Environmental Ethics Syllabus Spring 2016 ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS SYLLABUS INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION argumentative essays Tests After participating in class discussions, reading assigned texts and completing course activities Environmental Ethics Syllabus Spring 2016.

ENVS 345 Environmental Ethics Syllabus Instructor: Nicolae Morar, PhD 2 4. Course Requirements and Grading Grades on papers and exams will be given on the standard 0100 point grading scale: Environmental Ethics Essay 30 of nal mark This essay should focus on one of the problems we will be considering in the second half of the semester: hunting, species extinction, environmental restoration, wilderness, environment and Environmental Ethics.

A Course Syllabus. Ernest Partridge. This course most recently offered at Northland College, Winter, 1997. The Essay, " Environmental Ethics An Introduction" and Section Introductions to the unpublished anthology, Environmental Education: Approaches and Issues may be found in this website.

One short takehome essay, one inclass midterm and one final paper are required. Overview of main strands of environmental philosophy. Reading for next class: Rachels p. 58 Intro to Moral Philosophy Syllabus Environmental Ethics PHI3640 Environmental Ethics Instructor: Kenton Harris Course: PHU3640 U01A This Syllabus cannot be copied without the express content of the Instructor Course Syllabus. environmental justice, economics and sustainability.

these papers History of the Origins of Environmental Ethics History of the Origins of Environmental Ethics The inspiration for environmental ethics was the first Earth Day in 1970 when environmentalists started urging philosophers who were involved with environmental groups to do something about environmental ethics.

environmental ethics. Students will learn to conduct collaborative research, write philosophical and argumentative papers, peer review each others work, and debate

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