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University I am attending Expected graduation date: Month, year (planned) Master of Science in Subject Current GPA: 4. 0 Normally you don't put things you haven't earned on your resume. This is a notable exception because the job may not even consider you without you listing a degree in a specific field on your resume. Resume Expected Graduation Resume Expected Graduation 48 How Put Expected Graduation Date On Resume Basic Foundinmi 1024 X 1325. Resume Expected Graduation Resume Expected Graduation Resume Expected Graduation Bio Letter Format 1299 X 828.

Should you remove your graduation year from your resume? Well, for one, career experts agree: There is no rule that you have to put your graduation year on your resume. If you choose to leave your graduation date out, Ryan Kahn, 38, career coach and founder of Californiabased staffing agency The Hired Group, advises to keep your For a current student such as yourself, it's considered a best practice to include your expected graduation date on your resume when applying for entrylevel jobs.

An expected graduation date tells potential employers how far along you are in your degree or diploma. Graduation Date on Your Resume: Yes or No?

Since our blog went live more than two years ago, Not everyone who writes on the web about jobsearch issues believes you should omit your graduation date from your resume. The issue, in fact, has spawned a bit of Resume expected date of graduation debate. One blogger says leaving off the date is a" mistake" and claims one CEO Should I list my projected graduation date on my resume? December 27, 2012 Eric. In all, I think its pretty clear that putting my expected graduation date on my resume was a good idea, even though Im a freshman, and particularly because I was looking for a position as a software developer.

However, Id be interested in hearing EDUCATION INFORMATION: Appears above experience if: You are still in school and applying for a Coop position or internship Always includes degree and major field of study, date of graduation (or" expected graduation date" if Most employers expect job applicants to supply a resume containing a summary of work experience and education.

For soontobe graduates of a school or university, how to list an anticipated graduation date may be a bit confusing.

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