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" Due diligence" is a legal term to describe when one has exercised an appropriate level of caution or investigation prior to acting or making a decision. To" do due diligence" is an attempt to use the legal term in a grammatically inappropriate way. For example, Performed due diligence for XYZ Company resulting in positive acquisition, including gathering, organizing, and submission of data to the data room.

Something of that nature. You can also add this to your cover letter if its relevant to your career change to venture capital. Due Diligence for Hiring an Employee Ask for three references and personally verify at least two.

For professional positions, verify that the person has the credentials they listed on their resume. Perform investment due diligence on Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Mutual Funds. Interact with CEOs, CIOs, CCOs and CFOs to complete due diligence. Review audited financial statements for current and potential investments. A sample resume of an Investment Banking Analyst will include such job responsibilities as providing senior bankers with financial analysis based on market trends and companybased drivers, and creating vetting materials to Responsible for operational due diligence on over 65 hedge fund investments located in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Manager of 1 direct report in NYC, and 2 direct reports in London. Conducted operational reviews of service providers including fund administrators.

Most people believe they have a good private equity resume and many do. However, PE Perform due diligence resume in general are looking for very particular content, format, and style. In the following pages, the Street of Walls team will provide tips on how to build the perfect resume for applying to positions with buyside firms.

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