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I'm trying to write" 3 and a half year old, " as in, " He is a 3 and a half year old dog". I know a hyphen or two is supposed to go in there somewhere. Per Ways to write" 2000 year old"I suspect it should be" How to write a yearbut that reads like deathbyhyphen, even if it is correct. How can the answer be improved? Jun 12, 2012 It's not okay to write January as Jan unless you're specifically referencing something that appears in a text or an email (or something similar). It's not okay use 2nd, 11th, or any of the above.

Write out second and seventeenth. It's just a few more letters, and it looks 100 percent better. You're writing a bookthere's no rush. A Guide to Writing Your Novel in One Year. Youve probably heard the tales of people who spend their entire lives writing a novel. It seems so noble. Year after year, they churn out a chapter or two, carving out characters as real to them as family members. They work on an unpredictable schedule thats dictated by mood or inspiration.

In American English, it is common to write the month first and to put a comma before the year. Americans write August 15, 1990. Americans write August 15, 1990. The date may be written entirely in figures.

How to Write Dates? Download PDF. In British English dates are usually written as given below: Some people put a comma before the year. This is particularly common when the date comes inside a sentence.

18 October, 2003. 29 January, 2008. My son was born on 18 October, 2003. The reason Michael's question about British English in wedding invitations is relevant to how to pronounce dates is that as a general rule the year is pronounced two thousand AND sixteen in Britain and two thousand sixteen in America (1).

May 20, 2011 How to Write a Book in a Year Five Parts: Getting organized Setting writing goals Creating the novel content Writing the novel Getting the book published Community Q& A Writing a book is not easy at first, but if you follow this guide, you should be able to finish writing one in about a year, all without too much trouble. 365 Day Book Writing Challenge (click on image to print PDF) To be successful in this challenge, there are a few important steps you should Feb 09, 2012 How to Write a Five Year Plan.

Three Parts: Choosing Categories Drawing Up the List Tackling the List Community Q& A. Meeting life goals is difficult without a careful and detailed plan.

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