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As the influence of the Sanskrit language upon the Malayalam language increased, the Vattezhuthu alphabet was used commonly to write Sanskrit words and other derivations, though distorted. The names of parts of Vedas like Samhita, Ashtakam, Varggam, Anuvakom were written as changatha, attam, vakkom, anam respectively, in It is sorry for me to inform you that I could not attain the Life Biography details of Sri Thunchath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan. Please mail courier me the MRP details of the book so that through MODD I can acquire the Book.

In his era, Vattezhuttu, an old script originally used to write Tamil, was generally used in Kerala to write this language. However, he wrote his Malayalam poems in Aryaezhuttu, a Granthabased script originally used to write Sanskrit, so that he could accurately transliterate Sanskrit words into Malayalam.

[editFather of Malayalam language According to Dr K N Ezhuthachan, noted scholar, writer, essayist, poet, only Ramayanam and Bharatham belong to him. Others, usually attributed to him, were not really his.

See his two volume selected works of Dr K N Ezhuthachan, published by Kerala Sahithya Akademi Thrissur. Ezhuthachan used Malayalam language to challenge the prevailing Thunchaththu Ezhuthachan lived in the 16th century, [3[4 or the 16th century. [5 He was born at Trikkantiyur (Trkkantiyur) in the Tirur municipality, Malappuram, Kerala, India. His birthplace is now known as Thunjan Parambu. Oct 07, 2016  ezhuthachan malayalam essay Malayalam Story Ezhuthachan Father of Malayalam Language Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University VCE Outcome 3: Language analysis Essay In a language analysis, your first paragraph and introduction should address the context of the piece of writing in terms of: contention, form, purpose, writer and audience.

Thunjathezhuthachan Vidwan Sankaran Ezhuthachan, a biography of Thunjath Ezhuthachan in Malayalam, first published in 1926. Visit Ezhuthachan tried to propagate the universal nature of the language. He wanted to bring language to level of a laymans understanding. Why do Keralites call Ezhuthachan as father of Malayalam? Chronologically, Cherushery (another prominent writer) lived before Thunjan. But the phrase father of language is a symbolic reference.

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