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Disaster management case study on 26 July 2005 Mumbai flood 1. Disaster management A case study on 26 July 05 Mumbai Flood Presentation by Madhura S. Deshpande ( ) On 26 July 2005, around 2: 00 pm, the Implementation of the project would have ensured that rainwater did not flood the streets of Mumbai. The project was planned to have completed by 2002 and aimed to enhance the drainage system through larger diameter storm water drains and pipes, using pumps wherever necessary and Mubai Flooding Case Study Environmental Sciences Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, 2015. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The flood of 26th July 2005 is the lesson for each Mumbaikar. It is also a lesson for each Summary: On Tuesday July 26, 2005 Mumbai suffered a severe battering from the skies causing a devastating deluge.

It all happened so suddenly that before the people realized the danger, it was too late to go home. No food, no water, people wandering around the streets of Mumbai helplessly. The flood The term 26 July, now is, in context always used for the day when the city of Mumbai came to a standstill. Large numbers of people were stranded on the road, lost their homes, and many walked Essay 26th july flood 26 July Mumbai Floods Presentation gives brief about Mumbai 26 July 2005 flood case study Introduction, Factors aggravated for flood, casualty.

On 26 July 2005, around 2: 00 p. m. the Mumbai Metropolitan Region was struck by a severe storm and subsequent deluge. Santacruz Station recorded 944 mm. of rain Home News Diary 'Worst rains Mumbai has seen' July 27, 2005 05: 01 IST. More Monsoon Tales: 1 3 Essay 26th july flood, July 26th 2005, will be a memorable day not only for the heavy rains and the waste it Mar 13, 2013 26th July 2005 Reliving the Adventure.

The famous 2005 Mumbai Deluge You must have heard all horror stories about the 2005 floods. Some may have experienced it. I too was one of them. Was a part of this historical event. 26 July, 2005: Flooded streets, crazy traffic and near darkness in Mumbai It was just days before the launch of dna on the newsstands and after two months of intense rehearsals for the paper's DDay which was scheduled for July 30 2005.

The taxi wound its way through flood and high water and hundreds of people walking on the Aug 31, 2017 Mumbai Rains: 26 July 2005 to 29 Aug 2017. A flood occurs when excess rain causes water bodies like rivers and lakes overflow their banks and inundate nearby areas. Share your experience

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