Non union neck femur classification essay

Extracapsular hip fracture is the hip fracture that includes the trochanteric of the femur. It was intertrochanteric hip fracture and subtrochanteric hip fracture.

Hemiarthroplasty treatment is performed when there is neck fracture due to the classification of Pipkin3. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to Delayed Union or Nonunion Of Femoral Neck in Young Adults. Femoral neck fractures occur in younger patients, frequently as a result of highenergy trauma. Prognosis is worse in younger patients. Dedrick et al reviewed 32 cases of femoral neck fractures in young adults and found 20 nonunion and 36avscular necrosis.

In these individuals used to gain improved exposure of lower femoral neck fractures skin incision approx 2cm posterior and distal to ASIS, down toward tip of greater trochanter incision curved distally and extended 10cm along anterior portion of femur Internal fixation alone is seldom performed in the neglected femoral neck fracture. Lifeso and Younge 4 used this method in 3 of their 28 young patients with neglected femoral neck fractures, in those with undisplaced fractures, with one patient developing AVN and another nonunion.

IN YOUNG ADULTS (BELOW 40 YEARS) The type of femoral neck nonunion determines the treatment needed. Hence a classification of femoral neck nonunions was established to elucidate treatment protocols 8. Tscherne Classification Trauma Scoring Systems Can be helpful to assess fracture union or femoral head osteonecrosis; sensitivity and specificity; Studies: Labs indications with femoral neck nonunions it is important to rule out infectious etiology Femoral Neck Fx Nonunion Treatment Consult Title: Simple Hip Fractures Faculty Non union fracture neck of femur 1.

Absence of cambium layer of periosteum Intracapsular Vascular anatomy Inaccurate reduction Loss of fixation important role in the union of femoral neck fracture Hafter unfallbleike 45 1953 Distal Femur Fractures Distal Femur Fractures Indirect Reduction Not for articular surfaces Direct visualization and Fracture of shaft of femur Fracture of shaft of femur Fig: Anatomy Fig: Fig Classification: Winquist and Hansen s Fig Femoral neck fracture has a devastating effect on the blood supply of the femoral head, which is directly proportional to the severity of trauma and displacement of the fracture.

Various authors have described a wide array of options for treatment of neglectednonunion (NU) femoral neck fracture. B. Sandhu et al. [10 Classification of Femoral Neck Nonunion [10: Grade I femoral neck nonunion (proximal fragment 2. 5 cm, irregular fracture margin, fracture gap of 1 cm, and viable femoral head) has union rate of 100 followed

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