Congress wants business plan from automakers

The Big Three automakers have presented their plans to Congress for how they will restructure themselves to make them worthy of a congressional bailout. Ford says it wants a 9 billion standby List of job cuts and commitments to fuelefficient cars won't be enough when U.

S. automakers get another shot to persuade Congress to give them 25 billion in loans. Aug 06, 2018 When visiting the website for a local restaurant or other small business, you'll likely see Google Maps embedded to show the location. Developers of such sites were recently thrown for a loop Nov 20, 2008 Congressional leaders told Detroit's Big Three automakers Thursday that they have until Dec.

2 to submit a plan to Congress on how they will use billions of taxpayer funds to bring their companies In Waiting for Answers, Automakers Stick to ObamaEra Rules. Automakers are likely to stick to stricter Obamaera fuel economy standards until they get answers on the Trump administration's new rules. Dec 02, 2008  Automakers submitted their turnaround plans to Congress Tuesday with the hopes of winning approval for a lucrative loan package they claim is Dec 02, 2008 Detroit automakers laid out their worstcase business scenarios for Congress Tuesday, asking for up to 38 billion in taxpayer loans to survive the economic crisis and turn their companies around.

DETROIT For all the drama surrounding the Trump administrations attempt to undo Obamaera fuel economy requirements, automakers are likely to stick to them until they get some answers. The majority leader said that lawmakers are requesting that the automakers submit a business plan by Dec.

2 to Rep. Barney Frank (DNY) and Sen. Chris Dodd (DCT), chairmen of the House Financial Foreignbrand automakers with U. S. plants do not support Trump administration rules to raise the amount of local content in North Americanmade vehicles, a group representing companies including

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