How to write hello in japanese language

Aug 12, 2008  For the best answers, search on this site (har kiti), same as how we say it. They think speaking English in Japan is cool (just like we think writing in Japanese is cool for tattoos and stuff), so almost every brand name will be" Japanified" English.

Japanese Greetings to Say Hello in Japanese First, know that even though hello is a common greeting in English, there isnt really an exact translation in the Japanese language. Depending on the time of the day, Japanese people usually greet each other using good morning, good afternoon or good evening instead.

Knowing how to say hello in Japanese is easy to learn and essential before visiting Japan, and could come in handy in other settings closer to home as well. Not only will knowing a little of the Japanese language bring a few smiles, it demonstrates respect and an interest in the local culture. Different ways to say" Hello" in Japanese,Also I would add one important thing to know about Japanese is that there are two distinct types of speech: Formal speech, to be used with strangers, people older than you and family members you do not know well.

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