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Clarion West WriteaThon. If the ending of the" Drag Scalzi's Ass to the Creation Museum" fund drive has left a sad, wan hole in your philanthropical heart, I Write along with the Clarion West SixWeek Summer Workshop; Achieve your writing goals; Track your progress; Meet fellow writers online and in person; Take part in a Clarion West summer tradition; No cost, no obligations; Returning writers: What is the Writeathon?

The Writeathon is Clarion Wests sixweeklong annual online fundraiser. Clarion West is a nonprofit literary organization that runs an acclaimed sixweek residential workshop every summer, OneDay Workshops, a reading series every summer, and other events throughout the year.

In the summer of 2012, I attended Clarion West in Seattle where I had one of the single best experiences of my writerly life, and this year Im going to participate in their WriteaThon program to raise money.

To give you a taste of what the program meant to me, Im going to excerpt at length from the [ Jun 26, 2018  I'm pretty sure no one in the history of the Clarion West Writeathon has made this offer to potential sponsors: I will take a picture of your picture on Mount Kilimanjaro in exchange for a sponsorship pledge. You must have questions. Or maybe you don't. Maybe your mind just filled with the thought of having Theyre about discovery, about reaching The End, about giving your story somewhere bigger and better to live than just the solitary space inside your head.

I often rewrite as I work, but considering my weekly WriteaThon deadlines, I decided to avoid that as much as possible here. This entry was posted in WRITING and tagged Amnesia!Bottle Episode Mystery, Clarion West, superheroes, Writing. Bookmark the permalink. Worlds Worst Trekkie: Carlie Takes On The Conscience of the King This entry was posted in WRITING and tagged Amnesia!Bottle Episode Mystery, Clarion West, Writing.

Bookmark the permalink. Clarion West WriteAThon 2018: Week One Update From June 24 to August 4, 2018, WriteaThon writers and sponsors can tap into the creative energy of the renowned sixweek Clarion workshop, encourage this year's Clarion students, and help secure the financial future of Clarion, all without leaving home.

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