Literature review in communication

How can the answer be improved? The review covers a widelydefined perspective of communication within the hospital context and thus should be viewed as a structured broad overview of the literature.

literature review. You should be able to summarize the works youve chosen, for sure, but you should also Chapter 2. Literature Review. 2. 0 Introduction. People communicate since they are part of society. The speech plays the main role in the communication, since it can express complicated ideas through important tone in the use of wide range of means. Organizational communication is both similar to and distinct from other types of communication (ShockleyZalabak, 1999, p. 28). It is more than the daily interactions of individuals within organizations, it is the process through which organizations create and shape events (ShockleyZalabak, 1999).

Have you written a stellar literature review you care to share for teaching purposes? Are you an instructor who has received an exemplary literature review and have permission from the student to post? This literature review begins with the goal of advancing the understanding of crises communications, so that future scholars can explain and predict this phenomenon. Crises Defined A problem in crises communications literature is the lack of a common definition for what constitutes a crisis.

A literature review surveys scholarly articles, books and other sources relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, and by so doing, providing a description, summary, and critical evaluation of these works.

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