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Should I include my current position on my resume? Human Capital; Be sure to position your desire to find a new opportunity in the kindest way possible reflecting on your current employer i.

e They are great guys and didn't really understand what they wanted in a CFO and I plan to leave but will help them find the right person. Take the If your employer has created a resume alert and your resume 1. is public and 2.

contains the same keywords your employer is using for their alert, it is possible that your resume will be included in your employer's alert. Private resumes are not visible (and employers cannot find you).

When you set your resume to Private, it does not appear in the search results, but you will still be able to use it to apply for jobs with the Apply Now button. Include all of your current contact information at the top of your resume: phone, full address (spell out all address abbreviations and state names), email and contact phone number(s). Use your personal contact information, not your work information. Assume that the employer needs to know this information just as it would for any other applicant.

No matter where you upload your resume, you might also consider leaving off your current employers name, says Goldwasser. Keep your current employer name as confidential, she says. That way, if someone in your firm searches the company name, your resume wont come up. Dec 12, 2011 Putting Confidential for Employer on Resume. Discussion in 'Employment& Jobs' started by Rockets34Life, Jul 13, 2011. Is it acceptable to keep your current employers name private on your CV and when dealing with a recruiter?.

Yes. At least in my part of the world, in my profession. it's common practice to omit the name of your current employer from your CVresume. You can do that by activating one of three resume privacy settings that let you control the degree of exposure your resume receives: Private: Resumes set to private cannot be found in a search of our database, and contact information is not viewable. Visible and Limited: These resumes are searchable by anyone with access to our resume Current employers contact info.

by listing your references or including a note such as References available upon request at the bottom of your resume. Employers

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