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I live in a flat near grammarschool. I live in 7th floor. My house is designed for four member family. We have a small hall, the kitchen, the childroom, the bedroom, the living room the lavatory and the bathroom. We will write a custom essay sample on Living in a Flat or a House? specifically for you for only 16.

38 13. 9page. Order now My last point is living in a flat most of the time uneasy to living access older people or sick people difficult to claim the staircases. 20 lines 'My Home' Essay for Class 1, 2 Pointwise for School kids and senior students, 200, 250, 500 words, for Class and 12 The only thing I don't like about my flat is the view from my windows because one of the windows in my flat faces a ninestoried grey building and all the others look on a private neighborhood.

At first look my house is a common grey and boring building. About My House I live in a very average house in a very boring, average community with a lot of boring old people. All of the houses in my community are My Flat Essays essay about my home; ; 0; 0; English; Our flat placed on the sixth floor, we have a nice view on the nature from our balcony. On the first floor we have fence with hedge and lawn of ours home ornamented with animals. I live in a standard two room flat without facilities like a gym or sauna in flat.

Big wardrobe with mirror staying in We live in a comfortable flat (house). There are 3 rooms there the livingroom, my parents bedroom and my bedroom. We have also a kitchen, a bathroom, a Jul 02, 2013 Simple, free German essays, ready to use straight away. Based upon my experience working at schools in the UK, this article covers the popular topic of writing about your house. Free Essay: My Flat (1) We have a nice flat in a new block of flats. Our flat is on the fourth floor.

It has all modern conveniences: central heating, gas, My essay, Learning Curve, about going flat after breast cancer and how the decision complicated my relationship to fashion is in the March 2017 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine! A big THANK YOU to the editors at O for publishing an essay by an openly queer writer, an essay that pushes against the mainstream narrative of reconstruction.

My Flat (1) We have a nice flat in a new block of flats. Our flat is on the fourth floor. It has all modern conveniences: central heating, gas, electricity, cold and hot water, a lift and a chute to carry rubbish down. My House Essay. Essay on My House for kids of Class 1, 2, 3. English essay on the topic of My Home for school students Short essay.

My sweet Home for kids. Essay on The World Is Flat. The World is Flat Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments of different nations.

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