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Writing an effective academic CV; Writing an effective academic CV How to create a curriculum vitae that is compelling, wellorganized and easy to read References It is advised to list at least three contact persons who can provide a reference for your research, work and character. Provide their names and complete contact information. Because an academic resume will be used for scholarships, it is important for the readers to know that you will have someone that will vouch for your character.

Choose your references wisely. Good references include teachers, coaches, employers, and Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Reference List Preparing Your Curriculum Vitae. CV Handout and Examples. General Formatting. No length limitations; may be many pages long Including References on Your Resume. If youre a student with a short job history or a little internship experience, and have empty space on your resume, consider including 2 or 3 references directly on your resume.

While typically used only for work experience and academic background, a couple of wellchosen references can boost a shorter Do you need to write to a teacher requesting a reference letter? Or do you need to write a recommendation letter for a student?

These references are often called academic letters of recommendation. The letter may be a recommendation for a college, scholarship, special college program, or fellowship. Academic curriculum vitae (CV) example and format including education, experience, research, awards, fellowships, skills, publications and research. Like a resume, be sure to tailor your CV to your audience. For example, think carefully about the university or department you are applying to work at.

REFERENCES. Firstname Lastname Should You Include References in Your Resume. As a rule of thumb, you dont need to include references in your resume. The truth is, every inch of your resume is valuable real estate, so youd be better off using that space to highlight your skills or achievements. Choose appropriate resume references for every application. Key References to Include on Any Resume Whether you're preparing Academic resume references internship resume or writing an entrylevel resume, including the right resume references can be the key to convincing an employer that you're the one for the job.

to a graduate school or to an academic program An academic advisor, depending on the amount of time you spent with them, is another great option for a reference. If your advisor is someone who got to know you really well during your college career, they can talk about how professionalacademic references. Use personal references as a last resort.

) Prepare your reference before they are contacted. Give them a copy of your resume and keep them apprised of your progress. Let them know when to expect a reference call and who may be calling. Sample Reference Academic resume references.


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