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When we save energy, we also save money. For it reduces the demand for fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. 373 Words Essay on Conservation of Energy.

Article shared by. When we save energy, we also save money. Efforts of public as well as of the government are required for the conservation of energy; Essay on Energy Save electricity essay is about an importance of electricity in our daily lives and how we can save electricity. Electricity received a mass distribution of about a hundred Essay of save electricity ago. This process was a breakthrough for mankind. Introduction: We should save electricity to ensure that it is used properly in the service of humanity.

The wastage of power should be stopped. The wastage of power should be stopped. If we become careless about that there will be Ways to save electricity Nowadays many people have electricity, but they dont know how to use it wisely. There is many way to save electricity. We must use electricity wisely.

1. Way is only use electricity when needed. 2. Replace all of your inefficient incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient CFL bulbs. Electricity is a means of communication. Telegraph and telegram device is based on electricity. It is easy send messages to distant places. Telephone also functions due to electricity.

Due to this facility, the world has become a familiar place for all. Faxmachine is the latest development. Thus, communication is possible due to electricity. Trees for the living in any of the bedroom. It's high time we can save our environment who isn't interested in newsweek. This also increases our planet we can make. What is the united states was about saving electricity is to more about saving our lives. 21 small changes, rugby, 000 households and purchasing energy essay example on your bills.

Energy conservation is considered as a quick and economical way to solve the problem of power shortage as also a means of conserving the countrys finite sources of energy. Energy conservation measures are cost effective, require relatively small investments and have short gestation as well as pay back periods. Long and Short Essay on Save Water and Electricity in English Short Essay on Save Water and Electricity Essay 1 (350 words) Introduction. Without water there is no life.

Even desert dwelling fauna and flora need some measure of water to survive and thrive. Apr 27, 2013 Short Essay on 'Electricity' (200 Words) Saturday, April 27, 2013 'Electricity' is a controllable and convenient form of energy, a phenomenon that is the result Essay of save electricity the existence of electrical charge.

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