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CHE 111 Homework Ch 9a Ionic Bonds, Lattice Energy and BornHaber Cycles Name: Date: 1. What is the primary reason chemical bonds form? 2. What are the three primary classi cations of chemical bonds, their de ning characteristic and type of atoms CHE 348 Syllabus Page 2 of 8 Spring 2016 Notify instructor by January 27, 2016 if you have a time conflict during the exam periods. Makeup exams will only be given in extenuating circumstances documented by an official ChE 348 Homework# 1 Due: Thursday, 02 September 2010 This preview has intentionally blurred sections.

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You can ask any study question and get expert answers in as little as two PART A: 13 points (replaces data sheet, note book performance and lab report points) I. Plan and show your planned synthetic scheme in the Properties Mol. weight form of a reaction equation. 3 points Provide a detailed procedure (Preparation, Purification& Analysis).

10 points 178. 2 94 C 348 C 0, 02 196. 6 214. 1 166 C 377 C 488 C 0. 5 2. 1 pH calculations MUDr. Jan Pltenk, PhD Br nsted Lowry concept of acids and bases Acid is a proton donor Base is a proton acceptor There is a lot of homework, but you have a week to do it. He doesn't take attendance, but you get extra credit by answering questions in class. This class is easy to do well in if you do the work, study, and go to class.

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