Dream act pros and cons essay format

The Dream Act is one of the most hot button and debated issues of this generation. The act, which stands for development, relief, and education for alien minors act, was put in to place to give children of illegal immigrants in America a Pros and Cons of the DREAM Act.

Last year, President Obama and Democrats in Congress introduced the DREAM Act. The controversial bill sought to offer a pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants by giving green cards to undocumented residents who had come to the U. S. at the age of fifteen or younger, List of 7 Big Pros and Cons of the Dream Act.

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The article Pros and Cons states that the Dream Act will increase the number of student who will attend to college. But also many more immigrant students will go to college and get education like us citizens. The Dream Act is a bill proposed to the United States Senate in August 2001. The purpose of the bill is to provide a legal basis for a mechanism that will enable undocumented immigrants who are within a specified age range to attain permanent residency of the U.

S. by first fulfilling certain conditions. The Dream Act( Pro Dream Act) The Dream Act The Dream Act, also known as the Development Relief Education for Alien Minors Act is a" Bipartisan (support for two party lines) that addresses the tragedy of young people who grew up in the United States and have graduated from high schools, but whose future is circumscribed by our current The controversial Dream Act has numerous pros and cons.

The pros include an expansion of opportunities for young people who have grownup and studied in the U. S. but do not have a mechanism to obtain legal status. The cons include the possibility that the legislation could encourage large waves of List of Cons of The Dream Act.

1. Did Not Work for the Rights and Privileges The act will have the government award privileges and rights to people who did not work for the government and have not in any way contributed towards the country.

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