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I was wondering if someone could help me with my name, which was not in the data. i would be very grateful if someone could help me, include chinese writing please and thanks beforehand: 3 Sitemap Chinese language Get your own Chinese name based on your English name. Provides a pronounciation guide and meaning of the name and your Chinese astrological sign.

Find out what your Chinese name would be with this list of male and female English names translated. Learn how pronunciation and gender are involved. Chinese Names. Chinese Symbols; Customized Service; About Us. Chinesenames. org has the largest database of English to Chinese name translations, over 40, 000 names!

To translate your English name to Chinese symbols, simply browse our name dictionary to get the English name translated into Chinese symbols and download your name for Chinese names are used in China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. writing"as well as other characters with a similar pronunciation. meaning" affairs, business"as well as other characters which are pronounced similarly. This was the name of several Chinese rulers, Our Chinese name generator uses a system that chooses excellent Chinese characters and analyzes the sound of your name.

This gives you a name that has a similar sound and a good overall meaning in Chinese instead of random characters which dont make sense to Chinese speakers. Links: Your name in and information about names. Links to websites which show you how to write your name in a variety of alphabets and writing systems, and to other sites that provide information about the meanings and origins of names.

If you know how to write your name in Chinese, it would be even better. Because when the others see you name writing in Chinese characters, the meaning to your name, they can have a general understanding.

For example, " Mary" in Chinese characters writing Chinese name; Traditional Chinese: The art of writing Chinese characters is called Chinese calligraphy. It is usually done with ink brushes. In ancient China, Chinese calligraphy is one of the Four Arts of the Chinese Scholars. There is a minimalist set of rules of Chinese calligraphy. Every character from the Chinese scripts is

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