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Trade between China and Pakistan hit a 12month figure of 12 billion for the first time in 2012. 2013 On 5 July 2013, Pakistan and China approved the PakChina Economic corridor which will link Pakistans Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea and Kashghar in Xinjiang in northwest China.

Establishment of ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor was first proposed by Chinese Premier LiKeqiang during his first visit to Pakistan. The proposed project of linkage Kashgar in North West China with Gawadar Port in Arabian sea coastline in Baluchistan was approved on July during the visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Mar 18, 2017 English Essay on" CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor" CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is an economic corridor between China and Pakistan. At Present, that corridor is an under construction which estimated cost above 54 billion dollars.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a vision oriented project. The vision behind this project is to improve the life standard of Pakistani and Chinese people. The governments of both the countries will work to promote bilateral relations, agriculture system and to alleviate poverty.

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a landmark project in the annuals of history of Pakistan. It is the largest investment Pakistan has attracted since independence and the largest by China in any other country.

ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor (Chinese: ; Urdu: ; also known by the acronym CPEC) is a collection of infrastructure projects that are currently under construction throughout Pakistan.

May 05, 2017 China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has a potential to bring regional economic integration and cooperation. It is a winwin situation for both China and Pakistan as they are the primary beneficiaries of the project.

There's much more to the ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor than the rosy headlines touting friendship between Islamabad and Beijing. Federal Pak china corridor essay typer Ahsan Iqbal and Zhang Xiaoqiang, Vice Chairman, National Development and Reforms Commission, inaugurate 'PakChina Economic Corridor Secretariat' in Planning Commission.

INPFile IF youre confused about the controversy around the route of the ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), dont bother going online to China Pakistan Economic Corridor is journey towards economic regionalization in the globalized world. It founded peace, development, and winwin model for all of them. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is hope of better region of the future with peace, development and growth of economy.

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