Indians faking resume

In a little over two years, after a lot of hard work, wins, losses, joy, and tears, I was ready to graduate, and I started applying for jobs and posting my resume and profiles all over the internet. Some of the initial campus recruitmentbased applications did not work out, as the employers preferred local candidates and did not want to go through the hassle Many ambitious Indians write long resumes running into six or seven pages including extraneous details such as father's vocation, Indians faking resume type and passport number against the accepted global practice of singlepage resumes.

It is a complicated challenge for recruiters and an unending headache for the industry. When you know how to really craft your resume to focus on your strengths, you really don't need to make up lies about your qualifications and experience.

I'm sure, if you try to make up details in your resume, soon enough the employer will get notice what you did. Better stick with what you really have achieved. Next step is stamping. To get stamping one has to work for top Indian companies to receive stamping comfortably. Else it is dependent on luck to get visa. Google top h1b sponsors, these are the companies to work for. But to get a h1b from the top indian companies is difficult. You have to fight with your managers for 45 years.

If DHS come to know about using fake resume to get job, your visa status will be trouble. DHS may deport you from the USA and may put ban on you to enter into USA in future. If your employer is forcing you to use fake resume, report it to USCIS or DHA or DOL. The new trend is let's Indians do recruiting. By Indians I don't mean Native Americans, but can you please send me your resume?

Now if they found my resume somewhere, why do they need my resume? It is like asking for my phone number during a phone call they placed to me. Indian Recruiters What Is Wrong With This Mar 15, 2007 If you can get in and clear the interview and get the job done, why should anyone care about your background?

Weather you worked in a data processing centre or in a sales position should not matter as long as you can do the job. Faking it is hard work, lots of people still do it successfully in india. Sep 10, 2008  Kris Gopalakrishnan, Infosys CEO, discusses the fake resumes issue. Skip navigation Faking It At Work 6: 09. ABP News Special: How young Indians are reeling from

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