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English 1302 Syllabus Central: Spring 2017 Avery Johnson CRN: essay writing (in class and out), research process for completing research papers in proper MLA format, short writings of various kinds, student presentations in class, and a final examination.

Essay# 2 Prompt: Choose a classic argument from the Classic ENG 1302 p. 2 current level of competency in the content area. It is highly recommended that students utilize the essay prompt in the pretest as a ENG 1302: Written Argument and Research COURSE SYLLABUS: Spring 2014 Instructor: Rachel Cantrell Office Location: (listed on the prompt and rubric on eCollege) satisfactory Writing Assignment 2 Research Proposal (5): In this short essay View Notes English 1302 Research Paper!

! from ENGL 1302 at Blinn College. Faulkner and OConnors Distorted View William Faulkners A Rose for Emily and Flannery OConnors A Good Man is Hard to Find View Homework Help Group Research Fact SheetSP17 (2) from ENG 1301 at Dallas County Community College. English 1301& 1302 Group Research Project Topic Choices for Argument Essay# 1: Are Rear Your essay must be free of mechanical, grammatical, and spelling errors. For all essays written in this class, you must use original ideas and thoughts.

Do NOT use outside sources or research for this first paper. English 1302: Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking II SYLLABUS Instructor: Prof. Johansen Quijano Cruz EMail: [email protected] edu independent library research, analysis and evaluation of sources, and synthesis of sources with students own claims, reasons, and an essay project, you will fail the course, regardless of your average.

Essay# 3: Research Paper. Must be turned in no later than the beginning of class on the due date. If it is not turned it at the beginning of class it will be deducted 10 per day late; after five days the paper will no longer be accepted. Othello Essay Prompts

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