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A job seekers signature can contain any of the following as appropriate: Name List your first or full name in a way that matches your resume, LI profile, and employment record. If you normally go by a nickname, be sure to include it. How job seekers should send resumes to recruiters over email. Photo credit: Jeric Santiago One of the most common job seeker frustrations is not getting a response when submitting a resume to recruiters.

Recruiter. com sifts through six million jobs and leverages the largest network of recruiters on the planet to bring you the best opportunities. Our platform has the reach you need to succeed in your job search. You can reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn or email as part of your job search strategy.

There are external recruiters those who send candidates to companies and internal recruiters usually on the HR staff. Job Search Advice Tips on Searching for a New Job Get the best tips and job search advice to land your next job. Find networking tips, advice to keep motivated during a long job hunt, and resources for exploring different careers.

By sending your resume and cover letter to a recruiter, you (job seeker) are trying to help the recruiter understand what you can do, what you are qualified for, and which job criteria you could fulfill so they will present you to their clientemployers when an appropriate opening becomes available. Job Seekers Open a free Job Seeker account and get exposed to Recruiters immediately our resumes are distributed within one business day after approval or payment (if a Premium option is purchased).

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