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The estimate shows that Japans population in 2040 will stand at 107. 276 million, a decline of about 20 million from 2010s 128. 057 million. A January 2012 estimate by the same institute had shown that in 2060, Japans population will number 86. 737 million, about 30 percent less from the 2010 level. United Nations University 33rd Eisaku Sato International Essay Contest in Japan, 2017 Apply Online Submissions are now being accepted for United Nations University 33rd Eisaku Sato International Essay Contest in Japan, 2017 Home Japan United Nations University 33rd Eisaku Sato International Essay Contest in Japan, 2017 Submissions are now being accepted for Essays must be 700 words or less in English, French, Spanish or German, or 1600 characters or less in Japanese, excluding essay title and cover page.

Essays may be typed or printed. 3. Award Provider: The Eisaku Sato Essay Contest is organized by the Eisaku Sato Memorial Foundation for Cooperation with the United Nations University. The foundation was established by the late Eisaku Sato, former Prime Minister of Japan, with the monetary award that he received with his 1974 Nobel Peace Prize. Suggested Citation Matanle, P.

(2014) Ageing and Depopulation in Japan Understanding the Consequences for East and Southeast Asia in the 21st Century.

In H. Dobson (ed. ) East Depopulation japan essay contest in 2013: A Region in Transi tion, White Rose East Asia Centre and Foreign and Commonwealth Office Briefing Papers, Shef field: WREAC: 3035. A story that is constantly upbeat quickly becomes tiring. Conflict and resolution are necessary to maintain interest, and while happy endings are still mor Such an international contest with participants from all around the world is a great way to help find solutions to the depopulation problem in Japan and elsewhere.

I believe that sometimes an outsiders point of view is a good way to reflect on issues and get inspiration for new kinds of answers. To enter the 2017 Eisaku Sato Essay Contest, submit your essay along with a cover sheet listing your name, affiliation, age, gender, nationality, mailing address, telephonefax number (if available), email address, and a note on how you learned about the contest. The deadline for submissions is midnight (Japan time) on 31 March 2017.

Japan Center Essay Competition. The aim of the JCSB Essay Competition Depopulation japan essay contest to promote awareness and understanding of Japan in the United States and to help young Americans broaden their international horizons. JFTC Essay Competition 2013 has been closed. We are currently accepting entries for the JFTC Essay Competition 2013 Update on JFTC Essay Competition 2012 Award Ceremony, and Words from Winners, Statistics.

Announcement of JFTC Essay Competition 2012 Award Winners. JFTC Because depopulation is characterized in its early stages by the shrinking of the youngest age groups, demand for products and services consumed by the young are the first to decline. In Germany, for instance, the cohort born during is only 47 percent as large as the cohort born during.

Entries for the Eisaku Sato Essay Contest are now invited. This invitation is intended to anyone with no restrictions as to age, nationality, To enter the 2016 Eisaku Sato Essay Contest, please prepare a cover sheet listing your name, affiliation (your profession, university or whatever you do), age, gender, nationality, how you learned about this contest, mailing address, telephonefax number and email address.

Essay may be written in either English or Japanese. Issues surrounding depopulation have been hotly debated in Japan in recent years. The country's population almost tripled over the course of a hundred years and peaked in 2008. By October 2013, however, it had dropped back to 127. 29 million, a decrease of approximately 800, 000 people.

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