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So how do you tackle the self employment period on your resume? Tackling The Resume On the employment section of your resume where you describe the time when you were self employed i.

e. 2008present, write a few sentences explaining why you decided to start your own business. With gaps longer than two years, if you have done temp work, consulting assignments, odd jobs for a friend in business, this can all be used.

Rather than using the term selfemployed, give your business entity a name. Explain gaps on your resume the right way. Resume gap. Even the phrase is scary, calling to mind yawning chasms void of all light and soundand any hope for a new job. Then you can have another who reads your resume, and belittle your selfemployment, and not see any skill set, and therefore concludes you as unemployed.

So, just get to an interview, and talk your skills up. I do like the idea of changing title to manager. But don't lie, I would keep that you are self employed in your cover letter.

In some cases, people claim they were self employed to cover a bad job, or long gaps in their resume, but during the last downturn the rules changed somewhat.

Taking the iniative in a down ec This page may be out of date. This resume layout option is good to cover up gaps in your employment as it focuses more on your skills and less on your employment history. If you need additional help, review our resume writing tips.

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