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Short essay on Chandrayan1 the unmanned spacecraft to moon Atul Joshi Advertisements: The scientists considered instrumental to the success of the Chandrayaanl project G.

Madhavan Nair are: G. Madhavan Nair Chairman, Indian Space Research Organization G. Madhavan Nair is the former Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation and Secretary to the Department of Space, Government of India since September 2003.

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More about Facts About Chandrayaan. Facts about Adoption vs. Abortion 733 Chandrayaan1, (Sanskrit:lit: Moonvehicle[2[3 pronunciation (helpinfo)) is India's first mission to the Moon launched by chandrayaan Essay A few hours ago, ISRO put Chandrayaan I into transfer orbit around the earth, heralding its Mission to Moon.

This is a proud moment for the team at ISRO working tirelessly for the last several months, sometimes right through the night. Check out our top Free Essays on Chandrayaan to help you write your own Essay Chandrayaan1, is India's first mission to the moon launched by India's national space agency the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Get Essay for UPSC and Civil Service Aspirants in India. Chandrayaan1 was India's first unmanned lunar probe. It is Cuboid in shape of approximately 1. 5 m. The main scientific objectives of the Chandrayaan was to design, develop, launch and orbit a spacecraft around the Moon using an Indianmade launchvehicle and to conduct scientific experiments using instruments on the spacecraft It

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