Essay on ipods in class

& & & 1& Trevor& Moore& Using iPods in class during silent work would help the kids do their work more accurately. Another concern is that a class mate might steal another class mates cell phone or mp3 player. This can happen but might IPods can be used to prepare for tests. Students can record lectures in class and then play them back to study.

Some iPods (iPod touches) can be used to take notes which can also be a helpful study tool. In addition, iPods help people prepare for a modern life where we rely heavily on technology.

Below is an essay on" Should Ipods Be Aloud In The Classroom" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Oct 11, 2007 I am working on a project in English class. It is a persuasive essay.

My topic is why iPods should be allowed in school. I think all the reasons are true. Al the kids listen to them in school any ways. And like you people said on a test day or exam day leave them in your book bag or ban them in that class for the day. Many school administrators have taken the position that school rules should prohibit the use of cell phones and mp3 players during class, tests, and exams and in the bathroom. I disagree. I think that they should allow cell phones and mp3 players in school.

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