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Hints for a Great Cover Letter [ Covering the Cover Letter The Steve Laube Agency July 28, 2016 This is the last installment of my proposal series. We talked about Novel Submission: The Query Package, but now lets get more specific and discuss how to actually write a cover letter (and FYI, writing a novel cover letter is different than a short story cover letter, in fact there are some publications that dont even require a cover letter for short story submissions).

Novel submissions play by a different set of rules, and there may be a slightly different etiquette in literary submissions and other genres. But, if you write and submit science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories, the following essay is for you. How to Write a Proper Short Story Cover Letter. Guest post by Gary Smailes We are all looking for the secret to securing a book deal! I am pretty sure that there is no one winning formula, though I am convinced that without a killer cover letter you are doomed to failure.

Dec 21, 2013  Treat your cover letter as a business letterafter all that is what it is. You can read our basic guidelines below, but I can recommend the book How to write the cover letter for your submission to a publisher. This cover letter isn't sparkling, but it gives the important points: that the manuscript is a middle grade novel, a hint of the style and some of the themes of the story. It's an introduction, not a pitch letter. Most literary magazines request a cover letter along with your writing submission.

This is just way to introduce your work and introduce yourself. Its tone should be polite, professional and unassuming. Here's a sample: Dear Ms. Bumblebee, (Dorothy Bumblebee is the editor of" Literary Magazine. " You While you want to strike the right tone as you introduce yourself and your work, cover letters shouldn't eat up too much time. Here's how you pull all of this off. How to Pitch Your Novel to Agents and Publishers.

7 Tips for Getting Your Short Stories Published. Open Submission Dates and Guideline info for Glimmer Train Magazine.

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