Sexual selection psychology essay

Discuss the Sexual selection psychology essay between sexual selection and human reproductive behaviour. Reproductive success is at the very heart of the evolutionary process.

Among early humans, those who failed to mate also failed to become ancestors. For our ancestors, successful mating was a complex business, involving selecting the right mate, out Thus, sexual selection takes two major forms: intersexual selection (also known as 'mate choice' or 'female choice') in which males compete with each other to be chosen by females; and intrasexual selection (also known as 'malemale competition') in which members of the less limited sex (typically males) compete aggressively among Mar 24, 2014 Darwin suggests that sexual selection is more important than natural selection in shaping human reproductive behaviour.

An example of sexual selection operating over time is the relative hairlessness of human beings compared to other apes.

The theory that sexual selection determines human reproductive behaviour is gender biased in that it only considers differences between males and females, and therefore is alpha biased.

This is strengthened even more through the studies that also look for differences, and ignore possible similarities. Sexual selection refers to the evolutionary process through which physical and psychological mechanisms that are beneficial to reproductive success will become more common across the species. There are two means through which sexual selection can Sexual Selection is a theory proposed by Charles Darwin.

Darwin felt natural selection alone was unable to explain the noncompetitive adaptions, for example the tail of a peacock (Wikipedia, 2007). The mechanism attempts to explain that certain evolutionary traits can be explained by inherited behavioural and psychsical charecteristics.

Discuss the relationship between sexual selection and human reproductive behaviour (24) Women desire and have a preference for males that have good financial prospects such as, a house and money.

Buss supports these universal sex differences by exploring what males and females looked for in a marriage partner. Sexual Selection The nature of sexual selection: Inter and intra sexual selection: In nature males are always more brightly coloured than females (ie the peacock). Such a feature would not be expected to be naturally selected; Darwin (1874) came up with the theory of sexual selection to explain this. Sexual Selection theory by Darwin proposes that species do not just evolve through Natural selection but also Sexual Selection This is the view that competition for mates between individuals of the same sex affects the evolution of certain traits.

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